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Your mobile applications are
under constant attack

mFirst Protects You

We are dedicated to securing your apps

Experts in GDPR compliance:

Reverse Engineering

97% of top 100 paid Android apps and 87% of top 100 paid iOS apps have been hacked. *

Your proprietary algorithms, game secrets, and users' account credentials are exposed.

Data Piracy

75% or more mobile apps would fail basic security tests. In many cases, sensitive data, IP, and financial transactions are exposed. *

Financial Theft

Hackers are targeting growth in B2C retail apps, as stores launch mobile payment/wallet services, and in B2B merchant point-of-sale apps.

95% of Android financial apps reviewed were 'cracked'. *

Application Protection

Next generation suite of security solutions
ensuring your application's safety and success.

Our technology protects millions of mobile apps today, 24x7.

  • Security Scanning

    Ensure best practices and prevent information leakage.

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  • Integrity

    Prevent application theft and reverse engineering.

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  • Monitoring

    Ensuring your application is distributed through intended channels.

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  • Compliance

    Application compliance with data protection regulations.

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